chemical membrane pump me 1c

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Diaphragm pumps Chemistry design, ME 1C, MZ 1C, MD 1C
The diaphragm pumps ME 1C offer a compact and high performance solution. With their easy-to-use functionality, they are perfect partner for both single and multiple filtrations.
One-stage diaphragm pumps are an excellent solution for continuous, oil-free pumping of gases and vapors for modest vacuum requirements. In contrast to water-jet pumps, they do not consume water and therefore do not produce any contaminated waste water in daily use.
Vacuum filtration is frequently used for sample preparation in chemistry, microbiology, waste water control and analysis.
In the chemistry diaphragm pumps ("C") all major parts in contact with pumped media are made of chemically resistant fluoroplastics. The ME 1C is also often used for solid phase extraction (SPE).
An optional manual regulator valve with dial gauge enables variable fine adjustment of the pumping speed and the ultimate vacuum.

Gas ballast for reliable pump performance
Two up to four stage chemistry diaphragm pumps (letters in the product name Z, D or V) are equipped with a manual gas ballast valve as standard. The supply of gas ballast minimizes the risk of condensation inside the pump.
Manufacturer:Vacuubrand GmbH & Co.KG
Article description 1:Chemical membrane pump ME 1C
Article description 2:230 V / 50-60 Hz, CH-mains cable