vreće pe whirl-pak 115x230mm 532ml + žlica 60ml sterilne pk/50

Šifra: 7970696*LLG
Proizvođač: LLG
Special sample bags Whirl-Pak®, PE, sterile
Whirl-Pak® bags are sterile polyethylene laboratory sample bags used to transport samples for biological testing and other applications.
Temperature range -210 to 82 °C.
Available versions:
  • With outside pocket for paperwork. Keeps important paperwork dry, clean, and separate from the sample
  • Made of black pigmented PE-film providing maximum protection for samples that are sensitive to light
  • With white or blue sterile scoop or sterile teaspoon
Article description 1:Whirl-Pak® sample bags 115x230 mm
Article description 2:with scoop (60 ml), PE, sterile,
Article description 3:volume 532 ml, white, pack of 50