steriplast spoon 10ml, ps

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Disposable spoons for foodstuffs SteriPlast®, PS
Blue. The spoon for foodstuffs is available in two sizes, 2.5 ml (similar to a teaspoon) and 10 ml (similar to a tablespoon), and is ideal for sampling powders, granulates, pastes and fluids. The shade of blue that is used does not occur in a natural form in foodstuffs. Because of this, the spoons or parts of them can be quickly found and easily identified in a visual check if they are ever mixed into production. The detectable spoons have a special additive in the material that makes them visible to metal detectors or X rays. They can therefore be rejected with standard systems for checking for foreign objects, even though they are made of plastic.
  • Individually packed, gamma-sterilized
  • Production, assembly and packaging according to clean room class 7 (10000)
  • According to EU food and FDA guidelines
Manufacturer:Bürkle GmbH
Article description 1:SteriPlast spoon 10ml, PS
Article description 2:length 170mm, blue, detectable,
Article description 3:pack of 100