frames for immuno module

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96 Well Immuno™ Modules
Developed for quantitative and qualitative solid phase immuno assays, e.g. ELISA techniques.
  • Alphanumeric orientation systems
  • Standard format 128 x 86 mm
  • High optical quality
  • Four choices for bottom: flat bottom (F), round b. (U), flat with curved b. (C) or StarWell™
  • Frames and modules available separately
  • Modules remain in frame when inverted
  • Sealing tape and strip caps are available
  • Certified reproducibility of binding
  • Free-standing modul

Choice of different surfaces:
PolySorp™, Immulon™ 1B and Universal Binding (UB) serve to absorb hydrophobic molecules.
Medisorp™, and Immulon 2HB are slightly hydrophilic and bind a variety of biomolecules.
MaxiSorp™, Immulon 4 HBX and Enhanced Binding (EB) are hydrophilic and ideal for antibody sandwich assays.
MultiSorp™ are highly hydrophilic and are suitable for glycans and water-soluble proteins.
Manufacturer:Thermo Elect.LED GmbH (Nunc)
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