mikrotitar ploče ps 96 udubljenja ravno dno nesterilne bistre pk/180

Šifra: 6222441*LLG
Proizvođač: LLG
F96 MicroWell™ Plates, PS
Clear, white or black plates with excellent optical clarity and flat bottom wells. Nunclon™Δ, MaxiSorp™, PolySorp™, Collagen I, Poly-D-Lysine surface modifications suitable for cell culture assays.
Material plates: Polystyrene
Total volume µl/well: 400
Manufacturer:Thermo Elect.LED GmbH (Nunc)
Article description 1:F96-MicroWell plates, transparent, PS, without
Article description 2:lid, straight bar, without barcode, not treated,
Article description 3:non-sterile, pack of 180